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Special moments between people.  Moments that you want to hold onto forever.  Those you did see, and those you didn’t. 
Award winning natural emotive photography capturing the very heart of your Wedding.


I love Weddings. Somehow all the love, all the fun, the memories that stick you together get put into a melting pot and come out on that one special day.  Your Wedding.
You’ve chosen to be together for the rest of your lives.  That’s worth celebrating!

There’s YOU, and all your favourite people.  There’s so much to share – smiles, laughter, back slaps, banter, embraces, cheek strokes, glances, perhaps a few tears.  You can’t take it all in.  But that’s where I come in.
My goal is to give you the memories to relive that most special celebration.  I will blend in, capturing your raw, real authentic moments (ones you see and ones you don’t see).

I’m there as a friend, who is there to bring out the best in you.  I’ll put you at ease, and it will feel so natural you won’t even cast a thought to posing.   After all – natural is always best!

Whilst the heart of my work is very much on moments and relationships (or “Life and Love”), I also love capturing all the details that make your wedding extra special.
Be it your stunning dress, a beautiful bouquet, cute notecards for your guests, a creative table plan, an extravagant cake…. you name it, I’ll set it in good light and capture it.  It’s all part of the story.


Choosing a photographer can be an absolute minefield I know.  How do you compare what you will get at the end of the day?  Let me give you a starting point:  Strip everything away.  No products, no packages.
No. 1    Do you like their style?
No. 2   (Most important!)  Do they ‘get’ you?  They might be laid back, excited – or both – but can they resonate with what is important to you?  Could you trust them like a friend?

Once you have that worked out, you can move on:
No. 3  What exactly are you getting:  just digitals, or will they design an album for you?
Note:  Most photographers have set packages, but could equally give you a price based on like for like if you ask them.

It remains for you to work out what is your deciding factor and book your favourite!  Best of luck!

All my consultations are informal and pressure free.  If you’d just like a chat, I’d love to hear from you.
We can meet in person, or virtually.
Why not suggest a few times that work for you so I can fit you in?

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